Doing it Aussie Style.



Here in Australia our head space hasn’t been so much one of adventure but more a time of focus and research as we have been feeling our way around Sydney and areas outside of it to find possible places to live once we grow bored of our nomadic lifestyle. For me especially, it’s my home place where I grew up so it all feels very familiar.


However…. There have been a few adventures made, recorded by our resident photographer so here is a little photo blog of our lives over the past few months:

Our very big responsibility whilst here was looking after my mother’s dogs while she was away overseas. I was already hooked on this delightful duo but Michael too has now fallen completely in love with Coco and Louis. We shall miss them greatly but they have been inspiration to find a home and get some of our own!


Everywhere we go, our exercise regime changes to fit in with our surroundings and what’s available and relatively easy for us. Around the corner from my mum’s we have been doing very steep, hill sprints. Here is the view from the top of the hill – rather inspiring.


Yet another part of the exercise regime for Michael. Inspired by all the buff looking men who live in Sydney Michael set himself the challenge to join them. These outdoor gyms can be found all over Sydney’s parks but he found this one overlooking Bronte beach to be particularly motivating.


1.5hrs drive outside of Sydney are the stunning Blue Mountains. We find it to be a very special part of the world that we visited four years ago as part of our honeymoon, offering lots of hikes in the region too. We managed to visit the area twice, taking ourselves on two different walks which was a nice change of scene from all the beach and harbour side stuff we tended to be doing.


The Three Sisters scene never disappoints

The Three Sisters scene never disappoints

Despite all the horridly dirty and challenging situations we have found ourselves in during our travels, walking through mud is still an icky experience for me.


We spent a lot of time down at Sydney’s famed Bondi Beach as we both simply love the area and it’s only a hop, skip and a jump from where my mum lives. During our stay they had the kite festival on which was a stunning scene, captured perfectly here I think.


Now we’ve had a special occasion to celebrate during our Sydney stay, in the form of Michael’s birthday. Here’s a little insight into the reality of living a nomadic life: the only gifts we can give each other are ones that don’t weigh anything or take up valuable space in the luggage, as these two things are the cause of much anxiety when it comes to packing and those damn luggage scales at the airport!


The surf before we got in

The surf before we got in

Michael’s gift request was to get to the heart of our favourite area – Bondi Beach – in the form of a surf lesson. I too went along for moral support and we had a most brilliant time, managing to stand up and feel like we were surfing for a few seconds on multiple occasions, which was an exhilarating feeling and worth the 2hrs of salt water blasting through the nasal passages. We both feel there will be quite a bit of surfing to be done when we hit Mexico later in the year and I can’t believe that being an Aussie it has taken me this long to give it a go!

This is a sunset shot taken at Patonga Beach on the Central Coast which is an area 2.5hrs drive north of Sydney and one we visited regularly as a possible place to live. It wasn’t a successful candidate but this wasn’t for lack of beauty.


So there we have it! We are currently in Byron Bay continuing our research project and the next time you hear from us it will be from the big ol’ US of A….’til then folks.

5 thoughts on “Doing it Aussie Style.

  1. Hi Guys – just wonderful to hear from you and your amazing travels…..I love the photos – they really capture the beautiful places you are seeing. Sending you all my love and lovely to stay in touch…. Tracy xxx

  2. Rod Francis says:

    Lovely to read how it is for you guys Vic. Looking forward to catching you somewhere on the globe soonish … perhaps the USA huh? Love to you both. Rod

  3. Love this!,…the pics are beautiful and I love those two dogs too! I can’t believe you are going to America…wow…can’t wait to hear that blog…and where in Mexico are you going…We will be in LA next July…will you still be there?

    • Knew you’d love the dogs…can’t begin describe what a joy they are. Heart just bursts!! At this stage who knows where we’ll be next July, keep watching this space and with any luck we’ll catch you gorgeous people somewhere in the world. Can you believe M expressed a ‘missing Ubud’ feeling today…?

      • Patricia bishop says:

        All fascinating; I admire your energy and persistence in the globe-trotting project, of course beautifully illuminated by the photography!
        In case this is the best opportunity have a merry Christmas in the USA and keep us posted.
        Pat b

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