What SUP Mexico?

And the band played for our return to Sayulita.

It has been a while between blogs, so here we are again. Currently road tripping in the USA and having a grand adventure however nomadic life isn’t always lived at a hundred miles an hour so let me share with you our relatively laid back days in Mexico where we returned to Sayulita to live for four months way back in mid-December.

As keen as we were to explore new territory in Costa Rica or Nicaragua, because of either rental prices, logistics or safety, neither of those places felt right for us. Craving a feeling of familiarity and homeliness as well as sunshine and breathing in the air at sea level, we felt our community of friends in Sayulita calling our names. So we gave in and are so happy we did!

Picture of dancing horses in Sayulita

Sayulita Days celebration. A typical Mexican celebration with dancing horses who are disturbingly given beer to quench their thirst.

Nothing too much about the little surf town had changed in a year, besides it growing in popularity and the company that supplies the wifi not being able to keep up with it all. However our time there did have some added highlights to it.

picture of Victoria with SUP board

Just to be clear, I wasn’t afraid of jumping in the water ;).

After Michael’s burst eardrum and middle ear infection led to us giving up on the body boarding and surfing idea last time, we decided to try our hand at Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP as it is more commonly referred to. What fun we had once the discovery was made! Many afternoons were spent trying to perfect our technique and seeing who could arrive back at shore without having fallen in.

Picture of whales

Check it out!

We couldn’t miss out on another opportunity for whale watching though this time chose our experience a little more wisely, going out with an experienced local skipper who knew the waters and whales well. The Humpback whales acrobatics and spouting, breeding and calving activities were spectacular on that particular day! Our expert skipper was also able to get us so alarmingly close to the giant mammals that we were able to see the tubercles on their heads and barnacles on their flippers – IN DETAIL.

Picture of a whale

This one rocked the boat it was so close.

Shaking things up a little, we decided to visit some friends in San Miguel de Allende and experience another side of Mexico.

Picture of San Miguel de Allende

The streets of San Miguel de Allende.

A little different to what people tend to think of when Mexico comes to mind, San Miguel de Allende has no beaches but is a mountain city of cobblestone streets and beautiful courtyards in central Mexico.
This charming and authentic Mexican colonial town is filled with colour and has a wonderfully rich, vibrant and creative vibe. It’s easy to explore by foot and is such fun as every narrow, cobblestoned street and alley is lined with all kinds of inviting shops, art galleries and churches. Saturating the senses even more is the sun-washed hues of all the large wooden doors of homes, behind which hide some rather exquisite courtyards. The façade of all the well-preserved Colonial and Spanish buildings in town is very important, so much so that Starbucks isn’t allowed to have their traditional green sign as their shop signage.

picture of Mexican textiles

Textiles at Aurora.

Worth a mention is the art and design centre called Aurora where we spent a whole afternoon roaming this former textile factory which is a white maze filled with beautiful art and furniture by both local and international artists.

Picture of two Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Who could say no to these two faces?

At times, life throws random opportunities at you. Falling in love with some friend’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs and being asked to look after them for three weeks in their heavenly waterfront home would be one of these moments and the perfect end to our time in Sayulita. We often see our fellow nomads report on fabulous housesitting gigs they get along the way but I’ve gotta say I think we may have trumped the lot with this one. It felt as if we were the only two people (and dogs) living in a small, luxury hotel. Certainly made up for the weeks spent camping in the freezing cold in Peru!

Getting a closer look at the stunning view.

Getting a closer look at the stunning view.

Picture of Michael with injured calf

Cane and ice in tow.

From the above, it is clear that we had a wonderful time in Mexico though we do wonder if Michael might be jinxed around the country. In February whilst doing ‘hill sprints’ as part of his exercise regime, Michael tore his calf muscle quite significantly. Fortunately it didn’t require surgery but it did put him out for a month as he wasn’t able to walk for ten days and then needed a walking stick to hobble around for a few weeks.

Picture of Michael on a horse.

Once the calf healed, Michael took up horse riding and is wanting to add it to his list of hobbies. By the way, this is a huge and stunning Friesian if that means anything to you.

So with that relatively brief update I promise that it won’t be too long between drinks where I will fill you in on the road trip extravaganza we are currently on. Lastly, we hope to catch up with some of you when we return to Europe for the summer 😀.